Lit-Mag #10

International Literary Magazine – December 1998

Sue Gill: Big Purple, 1998

We hope you enjoyed Gangan Verlag’s independent contribution to the literary community in our global village over the last three years. Thanks to gangART for site development and paying the bills and to our authors for their contributions. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! – Andrea Bandhauer and Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

Martin Krusche Styria Jeder lebt gerne
Jean-René Lassalle France Some conceptual obligations
Peter Giacomuzzi Austrian in Tokyo großstadt männlich
Shiloh Shiloh, IL New Poems
Walter Hoelbling Graz, Austria Lessons – Two Poems
Erika Wimmer Innsbruck, Austria  nirgendwohin
Michaela A. Gabriel Vienna Stray Splinters – 9 Poems
Jeremy Gadd Sydney Tragedy
Sue Gill Melbourne Paintings

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