Lit-Mag #13

International Literary Magazine – September 1999

Angelika Fremd translated Ingeborg Bachmann

We started editing this issue in Linz, coinciding with the Ars Electronica festival, and published it later in Sydney. There’s only one thing the majority of our contributors share: they write in languages other than their own. See for yourself. – Andrea Bandhauer and Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

Anant Kumar Anant wurde 1969 in Indien geboren und lebt in Kassel, Deutschland, wo er in erster Linie über die Ausländerproblematik schreibt. Modern Times

Billy Marshall-Stoneking  Born in Orlando, Florida, in 1947; came 1972 to Australia. Much of his work has been influenced by tribal Aboriginal people. Ventriloquist and other poems

Marianne Gaponenko  Marianne was born in Odessa/Ukraine (Black Sea) in 1981 and lived for three years in Bulgaria. She studies German. Odessa

Martina Pfeiler  Martina studiert Englisch an der Uni Graz und in London. My first poems

Ingeborg Bachmann  Über Österreichs große Dichterin braucht wohl nichts mehr gesagt werden. Die Übersetzung ist von Angelika Fremd. The Game is Over / Das Spiel ist aus

Ines Windheuser  Geboren 1978 in Düsseldorf, lebte in London und hofft nun auf einen Amerikanistik-Studienplatz in Berlin. Life on Stage

Bernhard Kainerstorfer  Born 1965 in Upper Austria, Bernhard has won awards for his two books and teaches Music. Yellow Rose Bloom (for Cj)

Christina Conrad  Born in New Zealand in 1942, Poet, playwright and ‚outsider‘ artist. Stoneking says: ‚…she is bardic.‘ Poems for Stoneking

Frederic Tybery  Bilder eines Grazer Künstlers. Alles / Everything

Gerald Ganglbauer Multicultural Publishing – How hard is it to do in Australia? Mabel Lee chaired a panel of publishers at the Carnivale Literary Festival, NSW Writers’ Centre, Rozelle.

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