Lit-Mag #15

International Literary Magazine – March 2000

Prosit Y2K! Eine Boeing 777 der Lauda Air fast für mich allein.

We’re happy to present you with another selection of submissions. By the way, I (Gerald) spent New Years Eve on an airplane from Sydney to Madrid and didn’t crash – neither did our servers, except for showing that funny little Y2K bug in the two-digit Perl dates. – Andrea Bandhauer and Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney, 1 March 19100 🙂

Christina Conrad  New Zealand born feminist, outsider artist, filmmaker, poet and performer. Another instalment of Christina’s work (see #13). Poems not for Stoneking.

Marcus Poettler  Marcus wurde 1977 in Hartberg (Steiermark) geboren, maturierte 1997 an der HTBLA Weiz und lebt seitdem in Graz. herbstzeitlosigkeit

Libby Dent/Derek Mayhew  „I am 21 years old, and I live in Sydney where I’ve just finished a bachelor of arts in Performance studies and Psychology at Sydney Uni… I’m enrolled now in medicine at Sydney Uni. Derek is a graphic designer also based in Sydney.“ Downpour

Eddie Vukovic  „I’m a third year professional writing student at Victoria Uni.“ Shadows of the Soul

Mark Pregartbauer  Lebt in Salzburg, Österreich. Sandburg

Grant White  Grant is Local Studies Librarian at Newcastle Region Library. Foundering

Michaela A. Gabriel  Co-editor of „niederngasse“ literary magazine, lives in Vienna (see also Lit-Mag #4, #5 and #10). Five Poems

Ruark Lewis  Ruark is a Sydney-based visual artist and writer involved in audio arts and performance events (see also Lit-Mag #2). something just in case I die

Paul Hardacre  Paul is a poet, writer, and editor living in the inner city Brisbane suburb of West End. Four Poems

Nanya Nyssen  „I am half German, half Australian. Somehow when you are from both continents, everything seems to come into clearer focus just as you are about to step onto a plane and head off to the other side again! Always a certain sehnsucht for whichever side you are leaving!“ Farewell Sydney, Farewell Dreamtime

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