Lit-Mag #29

International Literary Magazine – September 2003

One of Edgar Munill’s weird animals

My journey into the hot Summer in Europe was too short – I came back home to the Australian Winter. At least Spring is coming up shortly. Time for one of our “normal”, well mixed, slightly experimental issues in both English and German. – Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

Roger Duncan is a post-grad student at Curtin University Western Australia living in Perth: “At present my Doctorate of the Arts thesis is a cultural study on ‘Fame and the Random Killer’. I like to employ concepts relating to screen-culture, the elision of contemporary reality, and post-modern notions of simulation in my creative writing as specific cultural critiques. The Viewer is a short story that explores how screen-culture numbs its dis-eased subjects.”

George Gott: American poems – snail mail from Superior, Wisconsin 54880.

Silke Rosenbüchler ist am 30.8.1969 in Neunkirchen geboren, lebt in Wien, und arbeitet in der Buchhandlung AMADEUS. Veröffentlichungen in diversen Zeitschriften (podium, Literatur aus Österreich, Morgen, Scriptum, Freibord, MyWay, DIE RAMPE, Sterz); Buchveröffentlichung: “Körperlyrik”, 29 Gedichte zu Gummidrucken von Werner Rischanek. Hier ein Text über Vatermord: Die Schnitterin.

David Prater edits “Cordite”. He lives in Melbourne, Australia. His first chapbook “The Happy Farang” (Pumpkin Press, 2000) concerned the adventures of a fictional tourist in Thailand and Laos. His second, “8 poems” was published in 2002 by du papa (Melbourne). His work has appeared in Meanjin, Cordite, Jacket, slope, Going Down Swinging, JAAM, papertiger and Short Fuse: A Global Anthology of Fusion Poetry (Rattapallax Press, USA). He wrote these poems while visiting Berlin and Lübeck in October last year.

Christian H. Sötemann (born 1975, psychologist, musician, writer. Several publications of short stories, drawings and scientific articles in underground literature and online magazines, for the major part in the German language. Several CD-R & CD releases, both as a solo artist and with the group ‘cryptic scenery’.): Ontic Stories. Previous ‘ontic’ short stories appeared last year in Gangway #25.

Gerburg Garmann: Geboren 1958 in Cloppenburg. Studium der Germanistik und Romanistik an der Justus-Liebig Universität, Gießen. Dissertation 1987. Fortsetzung des Romanistikstudiums an der University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. Seit 1990 Lehrtätigkeit in den USA (Germanisitik/Romanistik), zur Zeit an der University of Indianapolis in Indiana. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in various magazines, including ‘The Adirondack Review’,‘Balthasar’, ‘Etchings’, ‘Federwelt’, ‘Die Gazette’, ‘Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift’, ‘In Posse Review’, ‘Lyrikwelt’, ‘Der Philotast’,‘Thyla’, and ‘Volltext’. She was listed in both the January and May issues of Lyrikzeitung & Poetry News 2002 and is working on her first (bilingual) book of poetry “Unterwegs, im Kopf”: Gedichte/Poems.

Karin Seidner, geboren am 6.2.1963 in Wien. Studium der Anglistik und Germanistik an der Uni Wien, seit 1990 Erwachsenenbildnerin, Schreibwerkstättenleiterin und DAF-Lehrerin; freie Schriftstellerin und seit 1995 Performerin mit der Frauen Performancegruppe “Grauenfruppe”; seit 1996 Herausgeberin der 3x jährlich erscheinenden Collagenzeitschrift “kunstfehler”. Ihren Beitrag titelt sie: der fall laura w.

David Rosel: “I am not a ‘writer’. Sometimes I write stuff for a variety of reasons, and here it is. I do not come accompanied by a list of publications my work has appeared in. I did go to university (I think this is important) and completed a BA Honours in the Latin American Institute. I am a youth worker. I assist young people who are defined by others as being ‘at risk’ – from a variety of troubles and situations. Before this, I worked for five years with mainly young men, who struggled with their own manner of mental illness. I live in Melbourne with my two children and wife. This is important.” His submission: Beautiful Mercies. The Toothbrush and the Truth.

Zdravka Evtimova lives in Bulgaria, Europe. She is 42, her short stories were published in the UK (New London Writers, The Text, Cluster magazine, Quality Women’s Fiction, The Mighty Organ, Dream Catcher) USA ( Literary Salt Review, Story Quarterly, Cauldron, Mississipi Review), Canada (Lichen, Slingshot) Germany, Russia, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Macedonia and Yugoslavia. She works as a literary translator, she is married, has three children and is working on her PhD thesis on Toni Morrison’s novels. In her native country, she has published 3 collections of short stories and 2 novels. This short story is titled: Blood of a Mole.

Edgar Munill is a Spanish illustrator joining the Billy Blue school in North Sydney. He studied two years illustration at ‘la Massana’ in Barcelona, one of the most important schools in Spain. View some artwork of A Spaniard in Sydney.

The Unifying Aspects of Cultures | Das Verbindende der Kulturen
INST Conference: 7 to 9 November 2003, Austria Center, Vienna

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