Lit-Mag #44

“Poetry Slam”

Simon Cazzanelli, Murton 2012 Photo: © Gerald Ganglbauer

I went to see a live performance last year at the Murton Festival and was I impressed! It was a lot of fun, light years away from stiff poetry readings with long pathetic silences between words. In those slams there was action. Of course performance poetry cannot be printed on paper or screen, it has to be seen in motion. Therefore this issue comes exclusively in YouTube video format. – Gerald Ganglbauer, Graz

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Mario Tomic, Murton 2012 Photos: © Gerald Ganglbauer

Patrick Salmen – rostrotkupferbraunfastbronze
Peter Nevland – The Most Amazing Slam Poet
Florian Cieslik – Überwachung
Omar Musa – Tomorrow Is Not Your Friend
Clara Nielsen – Zeitlupe
Amy Everhart – Gummy Bear
Mario Tomic – Zukunftsprotokoll
T. Miller – US-Black Women

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Simon Cazzanelli, Murton 2012 Photos: © Gerald Ganglbauer

Note: The performance pieces I have selected for you are really just the tip of the iceberg. Once you start clicking on suggested links in YouTube, you’ll spend many hours of good entertainment with Slam Poetry. Enjoy!

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