Lit-Mag # 6

International Literary Magazine – December 1997

Katherine, Northern Territory

Issue #6, the last one in 1997 before I go walkabout, is presenting writers from Australia, Austria, France, and the USA. Say „hi“ (or „servus“) if you see me somewhere in the Northern Territory. – Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

  1. Christopher Stolle (Bloomington, IN, USA): Indiana Poet
  2. Irene Kabanyi (Sydney): Ex tas. Y!
  3. Sylvia Petter (Vienna born Australian, lives in France): The Man on the Moon
  4. Walter Hoelbling (Graz): Gedichte
  5. Tanya Marwood (Australia): Expat
  6. Billy Marshall-Stoneking (American born Australian): Bush Poems
  7. Shiloh (Shiloh, IL, USA): Illinois Poet
  8. Christian Damböck (Vienna): Sprachschatten
  9. Anthony Lawrence (Sydney): Country Poems

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