Lit-Mag #08

Gangan Lit-Mag #8
International Literary Magazine
June 1998

Welcome to another issue which presents new work from authors you’re familiar with from previous editions as well as new names like Adam Aitken, Julian Faber and Tim Pohle. Enjoy! – Andrea Bandhauer and Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

  1. Jolanta Janavicius Sydney Catching a Wave 
  2. CANT Germany 1 manuskript 
  3. Petra Ganglbauer Vienna Baustelle 
  4. Alexander Curtis Scotland Diana & Actaeon 
  5. Tim Pohle Linz am Rhein, Germany Destruktion a 
  6. Vivien Eime Sydney Instructions Towards Joy 
  7. Julian Faber Brisbane A Little Knowledge… 
  8. Adam Aitken Sydney Two Poems 
  9. Julian Faber Brisbane Requiem