Lit-Mag # 8

International Literary Magazine – June 1998

Alexander Curti: Diana & Actaeon

Welcome to another Gangan Lit-Mag which presents new work from authors you’re familiar with from previous editions as well as new names like Adam Aitken, Julian Faber and Tim Pohle. Enjoy! – Andrea Bandhauer and Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

Jolanta Janavicius Sydney Catching a Wave
CANT Germany 1 manuskript
Petra Ganglbauer Vienna Baustelle
Alexander Curtis Scotland Diana & Actaeon
Tim Pohle Linz am Rhein, Germany Destruktion α
Vivien Eime Sydney Instructions Towards Joy
Julian Faber Brisbane A Little Knowledge…
Adam Aitken Sydney Two Poems
Julian Faber Brisbane Requiem

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