Elke Papp

…(forever) followers!?…

are we a new race?
or to say it more politely
a new ethnicity?

or just a random mass of individuals (mostly female) living here living there
pushing those who belong to us or pulling them behind us
waiting for the one we belong to come home from work (work we usually don’t know a lot about in a place we usually don’t go a lot we usually get invited to once a year to get a place at a long table next to the one we followed)
like all the others all over the world do?
are we to be seen as a global phenomenon or as isolated individuals spread all over the globe
are we a side effect of the big effect that those we came with have on the city
or are we just freaks like those who we followed who can’t live within the frame their countries put them into
a minority (respected, cared for,….)
has anybody ever mentioned that we are the city?
that the streets would be empty if all of us had left at once?
we are legal aliens
most welcome!
to stay and to leave soon
are we a new globe trotting tribe
or are we just dancing the DNA-dance we are destinated to
following the one who feeds us
it is outrageous to call us the new diaspora
as nobody and nothing chased us out of our countries
beside the fear of losing the one who then perhaps still didn’t have to feed us if we didn’t follow him wherever to
being fed up having a long distance love for all of our lives and deciding to follow, have a family and be fed instead
we are no political refugees
we haven’t been threatened there where we come from
we are looking for a shelter though
aren’t we just first class travelers?
do we and those we followed and are fed by belong to an own class?
looked up and down to…
some start to like us stay here
some don’t care as long as we don’t leave earlier than they do
to a new place where all of us have to find new friends anyway
are we friends one to each other?
some of us get tied to each other as if we’d stay together forever
some we only meet when they are already leaving
we learn their names and the name of the place they are moving to at once
some of them show us a place or tell us a phrase we will never forget
or even leave us something they have lived with for years but can’t take with them
lots of them are from a place we have never been to
we promise to visit them knowing we won’t be able to
with most of them we’ll stay in touch (only?) by pressing the send-message/mail-button
some want to leave and can’t
others don’t want to but have to
all of us suffer at some point
under being stuck whilst everybody seems to be moving on / up/ away
all depends on the one we depend on who depends on the ones who also depend on
lots of us change houses more than one time
our complaints are not ending (whether if it’s about the weather or about whatever!)
only the contracts  do
some came here just for a couple of years (just for the PhD or a post doc come on!) and are still here
being now one of those couples that came here just for a couple of years…

do we want to go back/home?
is the life we left waiting for us there where we left it?
or has it changed address anyway?

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