Lit-Mag #11

International Literary Magazine – March 1999

Drawing from: Rudi Krausmann and Gary Shead: The Journey and Other Poems

Time keeps on slipping into the future. Our Lit-Mag already goes into its fourth year as the end of the millennium approaches. But whatever your calendars say – read and enjoy! – Andrea Bandhauer and Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

Rudi Krausmann Sydney  Fragments
Ron Winkler Jena, Germany  greisgraus und andere momente
Paul Tylor USA  Owen Oliver
The CountDAWN Graz, Austria  Seize the day / Nütze den Tag
Tom Saalfeld Germany  Rauhforst
Don Maynard Sydney  New & Selected Poems
Anna Nöst Austria  (an, um, zu, kopie an, betreff.)
Adam Raffel Sydney  Multicultural Poems
Richard Allen Australia  Epitaph for the Western Intelligentsia
Ben Hall Australia  Ochre Country (Paintings)
Mark Pregartbauer Salzburg, Austria  Ameisen

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