Lit-Mag #16

International Literary Magazine – June 2000

Mary Long: Hookah (Detail)

Our first year on the new server has seen over 5,000 regular visitors downloading more than 200,000 files and it gives me great pleasure to note that the many hours of honorary work are so much appreciated. Thanks to all of you for the support in the past four years that we are already online. – Andrea Bandhauer and Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

Bernhard Kainerstorfer  Born 1965 in Upper Austria. „Wir hatten schon mal das Vergnügen in einer Ausgabe.“ (see Lit-Mag #13). A Fairy Tale

Gwen Leanne  Gwen has previously won 1st prize in the Betty Clarkson Memorial Literary Competition, and been highly commended in the Eyre Writers Tunarama Literary Awards and the Stanhope Literary Competition. She has had poetry published in FreeXpression and Compendium. Two Poems

Herbert Kronig  „Ich bin Herbert Kronig, Jg. 1975 aus Graz und habe folgende großartige Geschichten zur Durchsicht.“ Geschichten zur Durchsicht

Carolyn Smale  „I was born in 1966, lived in New Zealand until 1993, and now live in Sydney, Australia. I’m a medical doctor and have a toddler. I’ve been published in ‚the otago literary review‘, ‚the otago university critic‘, ’spindrift‘, and online in ‚apples and oranges‘, ‚downunder‘ and ‚a writer’s choice literary journal‘.“ 5 online poems

Mary Long  „I paint in oils, sculpt teapots out of clay, find inspiration and respite walking along the many California beaches, visit museums/galleries, write poetry, learn foreign languages and may be searching for my third (and, hopefully, last) husband.“ Hookah

Rosanne Dingli  Rosanne has lived in Australia since 1982. Her numerous articles, poems, short stories, reviews and columns have appeared in journals, newspapers, anthologies and magazines Australiawide since 1986, and cyberwide since it all started happening out there. Some of her pieces have won awards, among which the Patricia Hackett Prize. She has worked as a travel consultant, lecturer, tutor, teacher, heraldic artist and cook apart from editing and writing. She loves fishing and cacti. The Land of Smiles

Philipp Arno Vajda  Philipp Arno ist Medienphilosoph und experimenteller Schriftsteller in Wien. Texte f. Neurotiker

Nanya Nyssen  „This piece it is self-explanatory, but says it all about the madness and futility of war. I am half Australian, half German and was very close to my late grandmother. It reflects my German side.“ (see also Gangway #15). Silenced Voices

Tom Saalfeld  Tom lebt in Pförring, Deutschland und ist auch mit dem eBook Tosbach (1997) in vertreten. Ticket nach Arkan

Scott C. Holstad  Scott has published 13 books. His work has appeared in hundreds of magazines in dozens of countries, including The Minnesota Review, The Wisconsin Review, The Pacific Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Arkansas Review, and Southern Review. Knoxville poems

Monika Graf lebt in Düren. Diese Gedichte waren lang nicht auffindbar. vier atemzüge liebe

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