Lit-Mag #27

International Literary Magazine – March 2003

Vista over Graz from the Schlossberg

After our previous all Australian special issue it’s time we’re mixing again some Austrian/German pieces in, as well as Portuguese (in English) and Indian (bilingual) submissions. – Gerald Ganglbauer, Graz

Bernd Watzka, geboren am 19.2.1969 in Zell am Ziller/Tirol, aufgewachsen in der Steiermark, lebt und arbeitet in Wien als Autor, Texter und Journalist. 1987-1994 Studium der Publizistik und Germanistik in Wien, Mag. phil.; 1996-2001 erste Romanprojekte, daneben Arbeit als Journalist (APA, ORF u.a.), Comedy-Autor und Werbetexter; seit Herbst 2002 ausschließliche Konzentration auf die Schriftstellerei. Dieser Exkurs ist ein ausgewähltes Kapitel des neuen satirisch-humorvollen Romans In einem Zug.

Geoffrey Gates was born in Sydney in 1968. He has been a musician, a student, a traveller, a teacher and a writer. After finishing school, he formed a semi-professional rock band, playing support slots in Sydney pubs and completing a number of recordings. As a student at Macquarie University in Sydney, he wrote short stories and record reviews for the magazine Arena. Geoffrey has worked as a teacher in Australia, England and Germany. He presently teaches English in Germany. He has travelled widely in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Mexico – with a backpack and a limited budget. In Hamburg, Geoffrey helped found Work in Progress, a writing and performing group. He has written a collection of short stories like: First Draft Julia, and has recently completed his first novel.

Lish was born under the shrubs in Pakenham when it was still the bush (now it’s a bloody suburb!), has written for many years in many styles, sings, plays guitar (& many other instruments), is a mother of twins and has campaigned for the environment & human rights for decades. She has performed around Australia, been published in many magazines and recently released leather skin, a book of poetry. Her submission is titled tribalfish.

Matu: “As a German expat in Australia I seem to be just your clientele. As far as my biography is concerned, well, nothing overly thrilling, really. I was born in 1973, went to school and Uni, lived in England for a year where I taught German and graduated in English and History. I have always been fascinated by literature and music. I learned to read at the age of four, largely to find out what my dad was doing all the time gazing into one of his innumerable books on the lounge room couch. I soon felt like I was sharing an enormous and meaningful secret with him (well and possibly the rest of the literate world).Since the English language has become second nature to me, some of the poetry I have been experimenting with came out in English, too, and at one point I started translating one of my short stories from the German. I hope you like Schlecht geschlafen.”

Peter-Paul-WiplingerPeter Paul Wiplinger is a writer and artistic photographer. Born 1939 in Haslach/Upper Austria. He has lived in Vienna since 1960, where he studied drama, German and philosophy. Author of 30 poetry volumes and photo-poetry-books, amongst them “Abschiede” (Partings), “Farbenlehre” (Lesson in Colour), “Bildersprache” (Language of Pictures), “Lebenszeichen” (Signs of Life). In addition to writing poetry he publishes essays and articles on cultural themes. Social criticism is the dominant characteristic of his work. His books and texts have been translated into more than 20 languages. Translated from the German by Herbert Kuhner, Susanne Nowak, James A. Ritchie and Hilde Spiel: Bilingual Poetry from Vienna.

Daniela dos Santos is content designer at a Portuguese TV network named SIC. She is graduated in Journalism and worked for several newspapers and magazines. At the moment she works as journalist and web content designer. This is a chronicle about an expedition to Morocco: Khadija, the old Berber.

Born in Sydney, Tim Hayden is writer and photographer and has travelled for the past 20 years. He also works for a Zurich-based financial services group and lives in Gockhausen, Switzerland: After The Wedding Speech (Zell Am See 06 April 2002).

Paul A. Skec (10/11/1971-?)— strange individual— genesis, swamps ov west sunshine, near explosives factory, speedway & drive-in— his pieces have appeared on page, stage & radio airwaves— is accumulating a reference library he hopes to be able to install into his brain— his submission ‘one or some ov these’ contains the poems: ‘bredd fr the hubwar’, ‘this’, ‘redeem yrself’ and ‘thru a distracted mirror’ and this jpg ov his head (frontview) and his short bio give a vague impression ov who he is.

Prasenjit Maiti PhD (1971-) has been widely published in print and electronic journals in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. His CD-ROM credits include GDS, Heist and Shaken-n-Stirred: Poetry from the Far Corners. His work will also be included in the Paradoxist Anthology (USA) and Astropoetry Anthology (Romania). His Prose Poetry from India was translated into the German language by Petra Ganglbauer. Prasenjit lives in Calcutta, India.

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