Lit-Mag # 3

International Literary Magazine – March 1997

Gerald Ganglbauer (60): My life takes me again and again around the world

The first issue in its second year is presenting more submissions from Australia, Austria, France, Germany, and the USA. To make room for the extra content, your Lit-Mag will be a Quarterly from now on. –  Gerald Ganglbauer, Sydney

Sylvia Petter (Vienna born Australian, lives in France): The Last Birthday
Lucas Cejpek (Vienna): Drei Wünsche
Woody Dykott (Sacramento, CA): For Oz with love: Limericks
CANT (Germany): ersA/Tz/eiN/z
Shiloh (Shiloh, IL, USA): All American Poetry
Petra Ganglbauer (Vienna): Fallen Faces & a nose
Jurgis Janavicius (Sydney): The Promised Poems
Pam Brown (Sydney): 50-50
Rudi Krausmann (Sydney): Der Brief / The Letter
Martin Krusche (Graz, Austria): Shortcuts 001 bis 003
Michael Sharkey (Armidale): Poem for Translation into any other Tongue
Siegfried Holzbauer (Linz, Austria): vom schalt des jahres gang & bür

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