Lit-Mag #31

Gangan Lit-Mag #31
International Literary Magazine
Inbox Overload II

I have been looking for co-editors for a long time, but it seems that these days, folk just don’t have the passion anymore to burn the midnight oil for literature without getting paid for it. Editors like myself will some day become an extinct species. Therefore the issues #30/31 are filled with unsolicited and unread submissions from the inbox. I let you be the judge. Bilingual Gerald Ganglbauer

  1. Tony Page, Australian in Thailand: Poems from Bangkok Bilingual
  2. Sylvia Petter, Australian in Switzerland: Death by De Facto Bilingual
  3. Gabriele Pötscher, American in Graz, Austria: On Current Affairs Bilingual
  4. Stefan Rois, Ottensheim/OÖ, Austria: Ottensheimer Geschichten Bilingual
  5. Clemens Schittko, Berlin, Germany: Texte Bilingual
  6. Krisette Y. Sia, Manila, Philippines: Four Poems Bilingual
  7. Arne Sjostedt, Canberra, ACT: A Pretty Crazy Little Vignette Bilingual
  8. Ian C Smith, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia: Wickedness Bilingual
  9. Scott Thouard, Brisbane, Queensland: Brisbane Poetry Bilingual
  10. Thomas B. White, American in Australia: Three New Poems Bilingual
  11. Les Wicks, Australia: A few more Poems Bilingual