Lit-Mag #31

International Literary Magazine – Inbox Overload II

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I have been looking for co-editors for a long time, but it seems that young folk don’t have the passion anymore to burn the midnight oil. Therefore issue #31 is filled from L to Z with unsolicited and unread submissions from the inbox. I let you be the judge. – Gerald Ganglbauer, walkabout

  1. Trevor Landers, New Zealand: Eastbourne Songs
  2. Marie Jacqueline Lee, Northern Rivers, NSW: A Productive Phase
  3. Duane Locke, Florida, USA: Movies from Sunny Tampa Slums
  4. Tatjana Lukic, Canberra, ACT, Australia: Strong Slavic Accent
  5. Jonathan Lyons, Oakland, California, USA: Graveyarder
  6. Jürgen Marschal, Mistelbach/NÖ, Austria: Dorfdetektiv Bordo Stokkkholm
  7. Malte Meyer, Bremen, Germany: Die große Wut in kleinen Schuhen
  8. Gregory Paul Mineeff, Wollongong, NSW: Just two Images
  9. Christopher Mulrooney, Los Angeles, California, USA: discourse
  10. Barbara O’Connor, Tenterfield, New South Wales: 3 Stories
  12. Laurence Overmire, Portland, Oregon, USA: Portland Poems
  13. Tony Page, Australian in Thailand: Poems from Bangkok
  14. Sylvia Petter, Australian in Switzerland: Death by De Facto
  15. Gabriele Pötscher, American in Graz, Austria: On Current Affairs
  16. Stefan Rois, Ottensheim/OÖ, Austria: Ottensheimer Geschichten
  17. Clemens Schittko, Berlin, Germany: Texte
  18. Krisette Y. Sia, Manila, Philippines: Four Poems
  19. Arne Sjostedt, Canberra, ACT: A Pretty Crazy Little Vignette
  20. Ian C. Smith, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia: Wickedness
  21. Scott Thouard, Brisbane, Queensland: Brisbane Poetry
  22. Thomas B. White, American in Australia: Three New Poems
  23. Les Wicks, Australia: A few more Poems

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