Michaela A. Gabriel

Ten Poems

(August 31st / September 1st, 1992)

autumn is dawning
and you are beside me
whenever I reach out
with your warm and tender eyes
with your incredible smile
who helps me to find myself
what in the world
could I ask for
when sometimes
you make love to me
with every word you say

(February 2nd, 1996)

once again
the snow has settled down
on our hopes
for spring
deceiving us
with its whiteness
laughing in our faces
sneering at us
from underneath the ice
littering a thousand snowflakes
down upon our foolishness

roadhouse blues
(October 8th, 1991)

the truck stopped
the door banged
yelled sue
behind the counter
he nodded
coffee as usual
asked sue
he nodded
lots of sugar as usual
asked sue
he nodded
what’s wrong
asked sue
used to come out here often with eve
answered he
it over
asked sue
he nodded
said sue
been a long time though

land’s end
(September 16th, 1995)

the green
into the sea
above it
a blue sky
a white cloud
towards america

(November 30th, 1990)


summt sinnenvoll


schweifen sehnsuchtsvoll

too soon

and winter is puzzled
a premature spring
is in the air
but he is boisterous and bold
and bowing to us
in a clownish manner
taking off his blue blue hat
to let out the sun
and produce by magic
smiles on grey faces
a blossom or two
he lifts us on top of the world
for a while
lulling us into a false sense of security
until this carnival is over

tribute to eve

whichever way
our bodies meet
they are in tune
a passionate colourful symphony
youme – meyou
in a rhythm of our own

sharing this
sweet sweet trance
my love
we approach
apocalyptic ecstasies
a wordlessly eloquent tribute to eve
for picking that one apple

old vienna

oh vienna
you’re older than i feel today
your wise old cobble-stone
lures me into the trap
of your countless lanes
narrow, crooked, of yesterday
your charmless parks
untidy sidewalks
keep me on their leash
your golden glitter’s turned to dust
after midnight
my one time cinderella
and today’s impatient breath
is sweeping it swiftly awa


at the grave
nothing left to say but
goodbye sweetie
good girl

the fallen princess
has died
you did walk through some doors
after all

no more
flicking over chairs
you’ve gone to meet
your producer

but your clumsy little song
wrapped in innocent pink
will forever be
the old fool’s lullaby

(based on the movie „sweetie“ by jane campion)

on the phone II

your trickling words
wrap me up in
a thousandfold lemon ecstasies

my body is overflowing
like a river in a temper
knowing you are feeding
on my luscious moans

desire meets desire meets fulfillment

heaven and hell
have never been so close
and the graze of angels‘ wings
might as well be the devil’s breath

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