Alan Jefferies

Overload #30

From Sydney to Hong Kong

I guess they thought they were invisible

I was around visiting Phil at his new studio
in Oxford Street the other day;
See, he said, it’s even got a balcony.

And we stepped out onto the narrow ledge
overlooking the back lane
with a view over roof-top gardens, inner-city harbour
glimpses and the glassed in roofs of the city.

Not long after I moved in
he said, I caught these two kids
fucking on the rooftop opposite.

What did you do?
What could I do,
I watched them for awhile
but you know
I felt embarrassed

So I ignored them, went back inside
made coffee,
and when I came back out
10 minutes later, they were still at it;
this time the girl on top
lowering herself onto his patient cock.

I guess they thought they were invisible
he said,
as we imagined them
the two most living things in this whole landscape.

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