Christopher Mulrooney

Overload #31


discourse I


the armory stands office tall
glooming in all the orifices
of every face gaping

this is every nervous breakdown
in all the finest hours gown to
town calling and back
have sires we’ll call to
wire them back and have
to call them back to the
point of order the
point of order

the orange fizzyjuice dispenser all the
way down into the faucet into the
spigot is scrutinized
cleanly it is
jurisprudentially cleanly
it is or would not be otherwise
if by a diffidently by a logic
would-all becomes a new-all
becomes a new try-all

for a new tryworks it represents
as a sort of dictum or a mystical new
re-appraisal of a new
consequence sincerely meant
and not to be abrogated
and surely not to be
obbligato’d and too few notes
sparkle on the too few new
pages that you write

discourse II

poisson d’avril

I fashion all the license plates!
screams the sudsy headline
sommerwind in all the
durchführung and
radio work compromising

you remark all the
time thusly incriminations
and barking dogs
new science incommunicadoes me
all the new day too new long

if all the new long pishers
all day
the tears
if all the
if it

discourse III


such pompous freres
to have to contend with
and the lurking malarkey
cheesing for a grand worth
of tidbits to nibble on
the grand concourses of
the whole circuit where you made all of your money
going around and around
best seats inside
outside it’s death
sometimes the spinning wheel
flies through the air
reaming the buckets
ducats and all

the heap of few someones margin calls
the great investment
in the great futures
made up of no-one
parsimoniously a tiring
rant at the mobile
curtseys and targets
of a fine picture show
let them go
let us rather wangle let us renew
our old acquaintance
old happenstance

discourse IV

Mr. Whiskers

yo I’ll heave myself clear of this bric-à-brac clearly go

at his very far limits the screech-owl howls
over the perched fowls’ hanger and dagger and sheath

far-seen persimmons

is to be seen the same since red fruit ripened in the sun streaming

is it the same since the fowls’ lair became a hopeless pinch

at a puncheon round the cushions go for a dipper boll and doll at the
Maine seaboard of clamorous contentions

how is at full ream over the cart on steersman and deploys the
anti-skid brake chute

thane chant can uninstall me all your uninstalling history
mind to the right blanks to the left history

musics made in twister helo canary land’s-end to this Andover

Heliogabulus made this point fabulously
we have the surviving records
which is to say the journalism

to turn into any account
the fabulous wretch establishes a dictum of counter-intelligence
this is to say the what do I know or how do I that

discourse V


the disturbed sleep wrinkles
the deeps’ peace how unimaginable
goes the funamble in two

history or deceits
up to the mark of the twine on the rope
a dope beguiles the time with
on the town hall
belfry making play with the wind
chasing the clouds for thunderclaps with greedy rain sacks

all over the bouillabaisse
wangling the grand demise
of the shinned skinflint
in the marmorean angst
of the whole movie scene
en masse in the grand style
disobligingness refers to as
might lonely to drive home his point

farce night at the Old Bailey shifts his comeuppance to the foremost
throes of a belted earl
at the dawn of history molded cakes
feeble circumstances rotund oratory

malicious gospels out the back door
fly to the roots of malentendu and malodor

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