Charles Frederickson

Lit-Mag #37 
Myself & Others

A Poem

Illusions Work Better Than Truth

Illusions work better than truth
Plight of in limbo stateless
Emigrant workers pledging out-of-bounds allegiance
Homeless refugees abandoned by Fate

Fault lines run deeper than
Ever before pressure cooker tension
Boiling over aflame with rage
Steamy ethereal options evaporating scald

Wages of evil attention unpaid
Sick & tired squeeze play ghettos
Boxed in bottom falls out
Rat infested hoods uncollected garbage

Nothing to talk about betrayals
Avoid violence at all costs
Congress slashes budget impedes progress
Vexing quandary cagey motives barred

Fight discrimination bullyrag intimidation tactics
Prick ballooning clouds of Fear
Disheartened attacks soul searching reprisals
Promises unkempt signal fires ignored

Unexcused absence of malice victims
Declared youthful innocence pardon exonerated
Pre-sentenced guilt unable to cope
Illusions work better than truth

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