Augusta Laar

Two Poems

the poetry class machine

takes stories starts with Wolf’s
dogs in Umbria (2 dogs 2 men
||: 1 push 1 move :||) the magic
of kites in Berlin Katharina
(red white & blue) Maria’s
Chile hanging on sadness for
ages without  father Allende the
goddess of poetry dreaming
multilingual universes waving
a big goodbye to 9/11 Syria
Egypt Iran evoking past times &
bigger worlds Emily Dickinson
cried out in her room: the world
is not conclusive! the mocking
bird sings: lightness falling! the
air commands: brightness dance
dance dance! Anne Waldman
shamanic priestess vows: go
down wall street sipping Arabic
coffee from Israel Latin America
we end up training performance
skills at Vienna Poetry School
holding postcards of ghosts &
koalas from Sydney/Austr(al)ia
& soft coloured nails in heart
shaped boxes saving poetry
now useless verses on our ipads
whispering: carefully (pp) (pleno
titolo) honoured guests for your
pleasure Ide Hintze declares: the
flood will come the golden flood
will come here this evening
friday 1st of june 2012

bee poem

how will it feel to be a bee
maybe the queen of bees in
beehive company with million
other bees to feed me and to
be with me to mix my ego me
with insect mimikry will you be
mean to me when I’m a honey
bee or will you be with me I
mean in this reality of bee-ing
has to be a change in family
you see – my ancestors will be
the wasps are you so sure you
like my exoskeleton anatomy
my beastly sting inheritage from
grandmom killerbee & will you
touch me as a bumblebee would
it enrich your sense of curiosity
my dear your taste of instability
to live with me will it be finicky?
will you still hear me humming
on a tree? will you be free to
like this kind of mystery? if
you have screened me recently
on BBC did you experience
how it will feel to be a bee?

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