Walter Hoelbling

numbers game our lives are fraught with numbers so many fractions of a second faster in a race most wins on record   best jury votes highest flight   deepest dive   most goals meters of rising sea levels millions of refugees   and more displaced tens of thousands  honor killings thousands of deaths with Ebola millions of Zika… Walter Hoelbling weiterlesen

Augusta Laar

Two Poems the poetry class machine takes stories starts with Wolf’s dogs in Umbria (2 dogs 2 men ||: 1 push 1 move :||) the magic of kites in Berlin Katharina (red white & blue) Maria’s Chile hanging on sadness for ages without  father Allende the goddess of poetry dreaming multilingual universes waving a big… Augusta Laar weiterlesen

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Hillary Keel

Poetry About Wittgenstein Welches sind die einfachen “But what are the simple constituent parts of reality,” she wondered die einfachen Bestandteile and she spelled out the words onto paper, photocopied a pile and folded each piece into addressed envelopes, placing them in stacks on her desk to be brought to the post office.   Und die… Hillary Keel weiterlesen

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Karen S. Nowviskie

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin On Bebelplatz On sunny days on Bebelplatz, the burning room reflects a soft blue sky, as tourists gape to see an empty shelf. Ghostly volumes, dimly glimpsed amidst the rush, reflect faces of the curious, eager to be off to find the next Big Thing. One man, unawares, steps hard on… Karen S. Nowviskie weiterlesen

Paul Murphy

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Two Poems Who Killed Rudi? Was it the wind in Moluccas Street Or a giraffe in the zoo? Was it the tell-tale stains on the back seat Of your BMW kalamazoo? Was it Frank, Mike or Steve? Was it the 1960 Trabant You owned for a day then banged Into the… Paul Murphy weiterlesen

Edward Mackinnon

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Taking Sides in Germany It was in 72 that I became indirectly involved in the Cold War, when I fellow-travelled in unequally divided Germany across the border with students who wanted to study their strange cousins in the eastern state, and on the way back to the West a quiet man… Edward Mackinnon weiterlesen

Louis Gallo

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Wall . . . Wierds broke it. – The Ruin Let’s make that weirds. Must always translate into a current vernacular or else lose the flavor, texture, the onion. Wall, which wall? Stone, outdated, cumbersome, residual . . . now it’s barriers of the mind we erect, the nimble, wet mind,… Louis Gallo weiterlesen

Ian C. Smith

Lit-Mag #38 – (Not) at home in Vienna Non-Fiction I have visited the disease of Alzheimer’s where flickering shadows softly come and go. The patient’s repeated mantra her look of worry and displeasure pierced me, lone pleas breaking from the soporific jetstream of a mind jarring me into thinking of what I am what I… Ian C. Smith weiterlesen

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Mirko Bozic

Lit-Mag #37 Myself & Others Poetry in Translation Kisa Mostar Kisa gori na bijeloj mostaskoj jeseni Vrejeme smrti poslije ponoci Misise na staklo posije pijanke Rain Mostar Rain is burning in the white Mostar autumn The time of death after midnight It smells of glass after a drinking party Caffe Dva upaljaca Kutija cigarette Jeden… Mirko Bozic weiterlesen