Ian C. Smith

Ian C. Smith

Three Poems Artifice He photographs her on the Cobb at Lyme Regis, a shadowy shot to be published in a journal unimagined then like other scenarios destiny stores between expectation and realisation. They had read The French Lieutenant’s Woman. Wave-smash sprays her op-shop cape as if a film is being enacted in a surf-hiss of… Ian C. Smith weiterlesen

Coral Hull

The Straight Road Inland 1. LIGHTNING RECEPTIVE IN THE WET SEASON 2. CROCODILE i.   A Crocodile’s Daydream ii.  Entry Into Thoughts of Freshwater Crocodile Via Two Rivers iii. Signs of Motherhood In Human and Crocodile iv. To Touch A Baby Water Buffalo v.  Egg Theft At Crocydylus in Darwin vi. A Crocodile Appears At East… Coral Hull weiterlesen

Catherine Basilicata

Sanguinity SEEDS OF THE PAST Why do I wander when I’m living in reality? I have enclosed my soul inside their raven vault. If I were to sever the hands of the past then I may free the clutches of despair. The choices I made before bear the weight of the present. There are no… Catherine Basilicata weiterlesen

Billy Marshall-Stoneking

Ventriloquist and Other Poems Ventriloquist I remember that summer when she’d pull out Charlie – which was what she affectionately called my prick – & being an artist, she’d draw a face on it. Then, without moving her lips, she’d go to work: „Hello, how’re you? My name’s Charlie.“ The first time, I laughed. It… Billy Marshall-Stoneking weiterlesen

Titus Müller

The Stallion Jeoffrey McSadough was riding his mare through a shadowy wood. The eyes, with which he studied every detail of the trees next to the small path, were the eyes of an owner reviewing his property. Although it was three years ago that the black outlined letter had reached him and made him the… Titus Müller weiterlesen

Ian Kennedy Williams

Life is Sweet Four blocks from the Lever house, Neil Purly was sitting at a long kitchen table, eating cereal. He was reading an article on the front page of the Kentucky Post under the headline Tuck River amongst top five most polluted rivers in state. The cistern flushed in the bathroom at the end… Ian Kennedy Williams weiterlesen

Ben Hall

Ochre Country Paintings My paintings are concerned with patterns and symbols relating to the Australian bush – particularly aerial landscapes in conjunction with objects and artifacts associated with the landscape. My aim is to refine and clarify symbols and patterns to evoke the moods and quality of the landscape with greater force. Meine Bilder befassen… Ben Hall weiterlesen

Richard Allen

Epitaph for the Western Intelligentsia what we come round to in the end is that all our thinking has brought us nowhere that the trail-blazing journey has ended where it began that thought is at best a protection against further thought that the heathens we sought to save the masses to educate need neither our… Richard Allen weiterlesen