José Kozer

Lit-Mag #40 – Expatriations:  The expat edition Four poems Translated by Mark Weiss and Christopher Winks Te acuerdas, Sylvia Te acuerdas, Sylvia, cómo trabajaban las mujeres en casa. Parecía que papá no hacía nada. Llevaba las manos a la espalda inclinándose como un rabino fumando una cachimba corta de abedul, las volutas de humo le… José Kozer weiterlesen

Mirko Bozic

Lit-Mag #37 Myself & Others Poetry in Translation Kisa Mostar Kisa gori na bijeloj mostaskoj jeseni Vrejeme smrti poslije ponoci Misise na staklo posije pijanke Rain Mostar Rain is burning in the white Mostar autumn The time of death after midnight It smells of glass after a drinking party Caffe Dva upaljaca Kutija cigarette Jeden… Mirko Bozic weiterlesen

Nikola Madzirov

Lit.-Mag #36 Home & Homecoming They return three times sadder RETURN I open fearfully the door to draw a border with the sun rays upon the carpet. I feel like shouting, but the echo of the unfurnished room is faster than me. The sweat on the door-knob is not mine and the rush on my… Nikola Madzirov weiterlesen

Anant Kumar

Lit.-Mag #36 Home & Homecoming Islands are places far from land “Islands are places far from land. They lie unknown to the world, separate, secluded, segregated. And one must leave the mainland to discover this new, little-known acquaintance. Yes, one must be mobile…and the arrival has to discover it; for when he arrives, in many… Anant Kumar weiterlesen

Ferida Durakovic

Lit.-Mag #36 Home & Homecoming Too much sadness and too little hair A baby with hair The rubber doll, probably conceived in the Russian doll factory as a boy baby, or a baby in general, sexless like all dolls and all toys in the world, her treasure, her baby kin, which her Mother had bought… Ferida Durakovic weiterlesen

Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers

  Lit.-Mag #36 Home & Homecoming Six poems from Balkan homes ‘Out of my house a tree is growing’ Selected and translated into English by Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers (Belgrade-Canberra-Geneva) Željko Ivankovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) Out of my house a tree is growing (Iz moje kuce raste drvo) Out of my roofless house a tree, growing for… Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers weiterlesen

Prasenjit Maiti

Prose Poetry from India Sound of Silence You are there and you are not as the doors would neither open nor close and I may see you now while the very next moment my sorrows blind me, my sorrows that are quite so gay and straight and black that I may not see you dressed… Prasenjit Maiti weiterlesen

Peter Paul Wiplinger

Translated Poetry from Vienna AUSBLICK AUF DEN SEE grün ist alles hier in der landschaft bäume und wasser am ufer das schilf das hohe farnkraut sträucher und gräser graublauer himmel wölbt sich darüber liebliche landschaft als gäbe es frieden und nirgendwo krieg Kloster Glendalough Dublin, 6.8.1999 LOOKING ACROSS THE LAKE everything is green here in… Peter Paul Wiplinger weiterlesen

Alexandra Ekkelenkamp

Dutch and English Poems dicht ik wilde dat we weer samen drongen achter een ruit zacht zou ze ademen wasem op het uitzicht dan werd de rivier uiteindelijk zo glad de verre paarden gaven kopjes dan mocht ik schrijven en schreef van haar en ik schreef dat uitzicht met lange lome letters dicht. Zomertje voor… Alexandra Ekkelenkamp weiterlesen

Ingeborg Bachmann

ANRUFUNG DES GROSSEN BÄREN  / INVOCATION Großer Bär, komm herab, zottige Nacht, Wolkenpelztier mit den alten Augen, Sternenaugen, durch das Dickicht brechen schimmernd deine Pfoten mit den Krallen, Sternenkrallen, wachsam halten wir die Herden, doch gebannt von dir, und mißtrauen deinen müden Flanken und den scharfen halbentblößten Zähnen, alter Bär. Ein Zapfen: eure Welt. Ihr:… Ingeborg Bachmann weiterlesen