Philip Loyd

Elephants Never Forget I sneaked another peak at her across the bar, trying my best to not look like I was looking, but it was too late, she had seen me already.  Why was I trying to avoid being seen?  Because I was shy?  Not hardly.  I was lonely, and I didn’t want to look… Philip Loyd weiterlesen

Jesse Bant

The Music Man in the Sky There was a flautist jamming in the stars, and I used to sit watching, seated on air. He made me cry one day but I wasn’t really that sad. His tunes were just too good, they had me skating around upside down all over the icy place. Didn’t know… Jesse Bant weiterlesen

Steve Slavin

The Broadway Actors Matrimonial Service My name is Sergei and I managed to get out of Romania almost thirty years ago by paying an American woman $10,000 to marry me. We got married at City Hall, just a few hundred feet from the Brooklyn Bridge, and I never saw her again. I got a job… Steve Slavin weiterlesen

Humphrey Mass

Folding At Dawn She felt listening to the Gregorian would flush out her hurt; the deep agony even that music which itself seemed to be sang for pain could not heal. She still felt it creeping up her throat within slowly biting every sense of comfort and dimming her hope and as every second ticked… Humphrey Mass weiterlesen

Mira Martin-Parker

Two pieces Blur He sat staring at his reflection in the mirror. It was an old bar, and the glass was original, so his face appeared cracked and fuzzy. The bartender came by and tried to strike up a conversation, but he looked away and made it clear he didn’t want to talk. He sat… Mira Martin-Parker weiterlesen

Kerstin Lindros

Crossing the line Friday, 8 December 1989, 6.30pm—Departure I was an inexperienced traveller; I had only been to Moscow so far. These blasted cramps. One more trip to the bathroom before we would leave for the station. My German-Australian boyfriend hurried me along because we had to catch tonight’s inter-zone service to Frankfurt. I was… Kerstin Lindros weiterlesen

Raquelle Azran

Lit-Mag #42 – The Arabian World By the Roadblock of Bethlehem The air was thick with sweat and exhaustion. Six snoring male bodies sprawled in darkness on metal cots. In their room at the base, the nineteen year old fighters of Dragon Squad, Team A noisily dreamed the final minutes of their six hour sleeping… Raquelle Azran weiterlesen

Andrew Madigan

Lit-Mag #42 – The Arabian World Different People “But there’s no bacon, Daniel.  There’s no bacon.”  Sarah grew frustrated, though she prided herself on never becoming frustrated. “Sausage is fine.” “But that’s just it, Daniel.  There’s no sausage either.  No bacon and no sausage, if you can believe that.” “I can believe a great many… Andrew Madigan weiterlesen

Hunter Liguore

Lit-Mag #42 – The Arabian World Pieces I’m picking up pieces: a piece of black fabric in the shape of a square, frayed at the ends and still warm; a chunk of rubber, also black, from the sole of a shoe, which smells like oil; a tuft of dark, black hair, singed on the ends… Hunter Liguore weiterlesen

Yahia Lababidi

Lit-Mag #42 – The Arabian World The Belly Dancer at the Wedding Egyptians love to dance. The national conceit is that belly-dancing runs in their veins and that even an amateur local is innately superior to a professional foreigner. Upon the faintest prompting, women of every shape, age and class will put this proposition to… Yahia Lababidi weiterlesen