Catherine Basilicata



Why do I wander when I’m living in reality?
I have enclosed my soul inside their raven vault.
If I were to sever the hands of the past then
I may free the clutches of despair.

The choices I made before bear the weight
of the present.
There are no thieves in my bed, only a liar in my mind
while my eyes remain open behind my hair.

If there is anyone listening, please remove the voices
in my head, so I may not break the glass.
A crystal shouldn’t feel the sharp pains that I have seen.
bathe me in acid and sink my demons that dare.

Having said the above, where do I go now?
Under your knife, for the seeds of the past are inborn.
I rather leave than see my dove tear and purge
while all watch and stare.


A cold chill runs through my body when I look
I almost felt sorry for him, he had a lonely and
rough upbringing.

We were friends from the start, although he
changed with time and wanted more.
To go no further wasn’t in my mind, especially
when the calls were made while crumbling.

Ending the friendship became a must when he
aimed to spray venom.
The situation placed me in a paranoid state, fear
cascaded down my cheek in the event he was coming.

He claimed it was my fault on the day he was taken
away, far from reality he remains.
Lack of love from his youth guided him to obsession,
till today I hear him starving.


I watched them create an interlude and my eyes raised
when the blood they shared spilled.
He was born earlier while she was the same frame as me,
he saw then beckoned me in.

As a child they made me feel similar to a shell,
that needed to develop.
He displaced my inner being while she watched
the breach in sin.

When I grew into an adult any touch would send ice
through my system.
I concealed the memory far deep where I couldn’t even reach,
to resist the din.

My body placed itself into shock then the wasps settled
to ask me the question and answer.
My soul served no shame due to clarity and a violated past.
Now I soothe myself not punish my Yin.


Sitting on a bench, sounds of black birds ringing
and the crowd in the backdrop, listening.
We begin to walk down a pebbled path,
covered in blue pearls, reflecting in the sun.

I look into your dark eyes, watching me as I caress
your skin while speaking in tongue.
When I repeat eternity, you whisper in time
to the beat of a heart that is done.

Breathing in the sensation of a crystal surrenders
no doubts, it’s clarity embraces life.
The chase for death slowly unleashes the abyss
for fun.

In the book of the past, it shall remain, for all I feel is
the present and future whilst in your arms.
Blinded behind its title, sanguinity lies a state
of where I have arrived, minus none.


A child raped of her innocence began to
hide behind closed doors.
As a woman she stored the absence, and was
branded a lost soul.

The tangles inside emerged in her paintings,
while keeping the energy cloistered.
He caught her emotions and felt a rhythm like
no other, he became whole.

Storm broke the silence every time she was
with him, her former self wouldn’t allow fruition.
Evidence of blood was found in the corner,
she restored the cover that kept her sole.

She enticed the pair that freed his demon,
which left him open after watching her anguish.
Her mind ascended to fin an idea of no
value, letting go made her voices enter his shoal.

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