S.K. Kelen

Lit.-Mag #36 Home & Homecoming The captain says it’s cold Coming Home (from my Papuan holiday) Goodbye Moresby. Goodbye jungle. Flying home. Over the phosphorescent green reef where the wing of a Japanese transport plane stands like a broken soldier. Across a jade desert that joins the sky. Over the mountains that were really clouds.… S.K. Kelen weiterlesen

Dawn Lim

Travel & Transitioning Quantum Physics Quantum Physics (extracts) I have flown through 20 pages of blue in an airplane to write my name on the window with wet fingers: the transparency of glass on glass waiting to be articulated. ~ Alighting, I shiver from the lightness of a sky’s foreign touch. The opening of a… Dawn Lim weiterlesen

Coral Hull

The Straight Road Inland 1. LIGHTNING RECEPTIVE IN THE WET SEASON 2. CROCODILE i.   A Crocodile’s Daydream ii.  Entry Into Thoughts of Freshwater Crocodile Via Two Rivers iii. Signs of Motherhood In Human and Crocodile iv. To Touch A Baby Water Buffalo v.  Egg Theft At Crocydylus in Darwin vi. A Crocodile Appears At East… Coral Hull weiterlesen