Mathias Traxler

GANGAN Lit-Mag #50   das ist der Chor, der den Heten, die in die schwule Bar eingedrungen ist, die Hoden abhackt, alle mein teil vom Geschlecht geht liebenswürdig auf in deins, Säuglingsfell in einem Luftschiff auf dem Klosett ausgeschlossen und eingeschlossen das vorbeifliessende Wasser Kennst du alle Adern? Deine Seele ja, aber die Wege der… Mathias Traxler weiterlesen

Mary Beth Warner

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Enlightened Klaus sat under the buzzing of the fluorescent lights in a mental stupor. The incessant buzzing, which he heard all day, and which ringed in his ears as he tried, in vain, to fall to sleep each night, numbed him. It stopped short any attempt at pleasant thoughts, of memories… Mary Beth Warner weiterlesen

Karen S. Nowviskie

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin On Bebelplatz On sunny days on Bebelplatz, the burning room reflects a soft blue sky, as tourists gape to see an empty shelf. Ghostly volumes, dimly glimpsed amidst the rush, reflect faces of the curious, eager to be off to find the next Big Thing. One man, unawares, steps hard on… Karen S. Nowviskie weiterlesen

Alistair Noon

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Towards the Conference 1 Bright as amphibian skin, the lakes encircle the city. They glint on approach, then dull as we close. Walking the Wannsee paths where a speedboat passes under the spotlight, I watch how I sit by the water: viral eight-leggers, bold climbers, discern my sweat, my hair is… Alistair Noon weiterlesen

Paul Murphy

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Two Poems Who Killed Rudi? Was it the wind in Moluccas Street Or a giraffe in the zoo? Was it the tell-tale stains on the back seat Of your BMW kalamazoo? Was it Frank, Mike or Steve? Was it the 1960 Trabant You owned for a day then banged Into the… Paul Murphy weiterlesen

Audrey Mei

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Five Short Pieces for the Talking City I.  Preto dammit! what is the word in Portuguese i’m trying to explain to this little Brazilian actress yes they all say she is famous very pretty and i’m sure quite nice as well but she didn’t know Berlin was once split in two… Audrey Mei weiterlesen

Edward Mackinnon

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Taking Sides in Germany It was in 72 that I became indirectly involved in the Cold War, when I fellow-travelled in unequally divided Germany across the border with students who wanted to study their strange cousins in the eastern state, and on the way back to the West a quiet man… Edward Mackinnon weiterlesen

Andre Jahn

Lit-Mag #39 – Berlin Slide Show Berlin 20 Years Since the Wall Collapsed