Maja Jantar

GANGAN Lit-Mag #50


[A shameless pastiche of ‘Spiegel van Alies’ by Jelle Meander]


                                     [ti ti ti gr gr ti]

                                                                                    [see see see see see ]



                   [guest 361 1842206]

                                                        [contact the restaurant]


                                                                                    [bre brea eak fa fa]


                   [insert your own phrase, or say HURTIGRUTEN]


                   [Check check out check]


[An homage to all the poets that performed in the European Poetry Festival and Camerade in Norway, organised by Steven J. Fowler and Jon Ståle Ritland]


  • This poem can be performed by 1 voice or a multitude of voices.
  • Choose one way of interpreting what is between the brackets and repeat for as long as you feel like – this can be rhythmical, melodic, spoken, screamed, whispered, mumbled…. etc.
  • Do not alter your choice
  • Feel free to change register when going to the next brackets
  • Only go forward – never back
  • Finish the whole piece no matter what
  • Listen to the others
  • Be playful
  • Don’t be afraid

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