Marj Busby

Overload #30

Always English


The song says “Blue Skies around the Corner”
But our sky has no corners.
Just a mass of gray and black clouds,
Taking away our feelings of a tomorrow.
Sun where have you gone?
You that used to burn our skin,
Make us warm and tanned,
Will you ever return to lighten us?

Dull the leaden sky, drab look the houses.
No sun at all for simply ages.
What can make us feel happy?
Can we look forward to anything?
Apart from pulled curtain, lights on, television,
Blaring, night time, is this our only relief?
Sun bring us some of our former feelings
Please, lighten our weary hearts and bodies.

The End

A Spiritual Dream?

From out of the blackness came a face
It looked at me lying there,
I smiled, it responded.
Gradually a body appeared.

Is it a dream, I thought,
as a hand caressed my face.
Then as the whole body lay by my side
I just let things happen.

I lay there being gently caressed,
I felt a love, as I had felt no other.
Then I slept, peaceful, no insomnia,
Awakening, I felt refreshed.

I was alone once more
but my thoughts were calm.
My heart felt light,
Happiness as never felt before.

Could this have been a dream?
Could this have been my need?
Could this have been imagination?
I prefer to think, it was a visit from a spirit.

The End


Raindrops, falling as tears
pouring down her face
as she walks towards the lake.
Trying hard to allay her fears.
Nearing the water, her steps falter
looks back at the house behind
no sign of anyone following.
She wades into the cold water.
Gradually it covers her head
One last panic, shall she succumb
into those murky depths, deciding.
Bubbles, choking, she sinks, like lead.

The End

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