Christopher Stolle

Indiana Poet

This Happens When Your Lover Leaves
To Her

Deep down, somewhere on the surface,
there is fear seeping from an earmarked
cloose vein.
Chunks of nightmares and drama traumas
glob from the gaping, disconnected
cylinder flux.
Blood rains across the silky innards,
refreshing this half-cadaver from possible
drought crops.
In these valleys and hills, nooks and creases,
flows a bittersweet liquid of immense
commercial viability.
Little germs and molecules irrigate organs,
only to drown from busting clots that line
flesh corridors.
Few notice this wound, this tiny slip cut,
that’s deep down, somewhere on the surface,
flooding passion.

Hold Onto Hope

Hold onto hope
That wants to slip through
Keep dreaming your dreams
For they make everything new
The weak and weary will stand
On hope they continue to hold
When the wild wind blows
They will never feel the cold

Hold onto hope
As echoes light the flame
Change the pace in things you do
So that nothing seems the same
Bring back the desire of yesterday
While children laugh in delight
Delegate your memories told
So everything stays in the light

Hold onto hope
While your heart swells within
Accept what you know can change
As any virgin can sin
Remember darkness sees no color
Because it has no eyes
But now it’s time to take notice
Of every single thing that cries

Hold onto hope
For silence asks you to follow
Now you feel clouds strain
As you try to eat your pride and swallow
Now forces of the past refrain
From telling you how to live life
Take a hand in each and squeeze
Because alone we are left in strife

Hold onto hope
So we can take in the scenery
Seasons change often
Which keeps hope for spring’s greenery
All the while, the rich get richer
While the poor keep dreams to confess
So tell the old man he can smile
Because money doesn’t equal happiness

Now the glory can finally be told
The needs of humanity will grow
But if you suppress all your hopes
Then no one will ever know
In time, all things will settle into place
We’ll have the answers as to how to cope
But we will never know what we can achieve
If we don’t hold onto hope

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