New Poems


Feathers flew,
the thrown body
rolled over and over,
a scent of a funeral spray
filled the air.
My stomach was squeezed
like a wrung out
and I choked on the verdict.
Yes, I saw the bird!
And now I wonder if there
was some intent
behind the steering wheel.
After all,
the bird was just
walking across the road.


His bright eyes,
so big,
an unconscious world
where he has
no opinion.
He justs seeks and
like a hen pecking
the ground
for grain,
every speck in
his domain.


What made me believe
in you?
I’m sure I had a wish
or two
urging me to trust.
As time spent in my heart
I hoped that you would
set me apart
from all the rest.
What magic trick did
you perform
that filled an open space
in me
and kept my hopes going on
only believing in you.
I see your eyes are
blackboard clean
they have already
erased me from your dreams,
but I shall keep you

in a wish or two.


Never was it so hot like the summer of ’52
but seemingly enlightened our youthful courage
as summer was our time for a restless bunch
of boys to enjoy the wilds of life.
Saturday morn the chores were finished and
errands done before the evening came.
„So long Pop, we’re going swimming.“
„Have fun boys.“ As he stood wiping his sweaty brow
with an unquestionable nod just like he really knew.
We snickered at one another and thinking to ourselves,
the nasty boys are off to dipping in the nude.

At six fifteen the passenger train departed
from the hot, sweltering city
and would ramble through the countryside
right pass our swimming hole.
The crickets chirped, mosquitoes buzzed,
and birds taking nest did sing,
but the coming sound of the streamline train
made our skinny dipping a first-class thing.

Being respectful to our nature we stood
in a perfect line, facing the railroad tracks,
to eagerly salute the quickly passing dining
club car. Then all of a sudden wide-eyed faces
stretching back to see, pressed their noses
against the window fogging up their view.
We waved our arms and laughed so hard,
and thought we had done it all that summer of ’52.

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