Michaela A. Gabriel

Five Poems


fingertips focus on careful
shapes, odd colours
rectangular sounds tentacle
their ways around
red-cheeked rooms

babies‘ eyes scream with
dreams unheard of

i swallow blithe bubbles,
meandering mouthfuls of life
and push the darkness
back into sunlit corners

orange crush

on evenings when
the sun sips
orange crush
i fall in love again
with your torn

deserted playground

another deserted playground
i can see the guardian angels
hovering above the rusty seesaw
reclining on the yellow plastic slide
idly gossiping on a cloud,
hanging low

and one of them,
a little chubby one
in the corner behind the swings,
is devotedly biting his
angelic fingernails


i butterfly across
your belly and
once i’ve landed in
your heart, i’ll
grabbag it
spiderweb it
and some day burst
the tight cocoon

ich in allen dingen

ich baumwipfle in den wäldern
eichhorne von ast zu ast
schmetterlinge über die wiesen
dunkle nur, um nachts
erneut zu monden

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