Danny Spigone


For Bibi Banos

„The burden has left me,
inspiration may only come of this for I am excited – never have I known such grandeur.
What a waste of opportunities, why did reality blind me.
My dreams have all been lost,
my torment was my memory – and was, was a keyword if one must prosper.

How did I get caught up in the righteousness of something believing to be true,
all misguided intentions.
The people I hurt,
the pain I carry is all gone.

Withstand and you create a negative emotion within your whole life.
Think my heavens all of us are magnetic;
Oppose and you give life to a seed not needed by your garden.
The result; wrong life, wrong decisions, wrong achievement.
Ignore but not ignorance,
yes ignorance is a blessing you understand it now, yes!

Finally inspiration has entered my abode,
but what now, for inspiration is a stranger to me.
Genuine it is now – it has arrived, brilliant mine, mine, mine, positively inspirational.

My fight is over,
nor did fighting ones battle ever exist,
but did anybody know?
Now we understand, it took me thirty battling years.
How long will it take you?
I hope less, for you want to know if I can help you?
Yes! But you must help me!“

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