George Gott

Superior, Wisconsin 54880

Satori #0294

In Kanazawa
all I do is sleep or wake:
Sabishisa ya.


Sabishisa ya. = Ah this loneliness.

Arechi #007

I share an apartment
with Hitoshi.

Hitoshi who takes
the eyeballs
from a Picasso print
and puts them
on the bedroom wall.

So I close my eyes
and there is Picasso.

So I go to sleep
and dream of Picasso.



I like the way
you share your midnight loneliness.

It is my entrance
to your soul.


Entrentiens #001

Let us examine
a conception
and the consequence.

First there must be
a woman.

Or possibly women.

And certainly
a bowl of fruit.

Perhaps a sailor
if the sailor
is a juggler
in the daytime.

And a jaguar
when the sun goes down.

Aren’t they really grotesque?

Aren’t they really barbaric?

Aren’t they really satanic?

But in every way
‘Chacun est…

Each one is…

‘Chacun est
de sa fortune.

Each one is
the architect
of his own fortune.

as it is often said:
‘We get what we pluck.’


Umbra #0237


By what we can do
with money and power.

Make war.

When the politicians are hungry
for crime.

Make war.

There are existing values
and there are nonexisting values.

When we are bored
with debauchery.

When we are eager
for carnage.

Make war.

Opinions lead to opinions
lead to abstractions
lead to adversity.

The cost is prohibitive.

The sin is prohibitive.

No man hath the right
to establish a war
unless he is willing
to fight single handed
in truth and in falsity.


Gravity #039

Agathon speaks:

And there is love
that is completely free.

Neither using force
to conquer
nor allowing itself
to be conquered.

The soul
has knowledge
that the body
can never understand.

In force
there is no harmony.

In force
there is no charity.

In force
there is no motive
and no pleasure.

Desire celebrates
an affliction.

And there is death.


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