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Artifacts of Unknown Usage

Details from the Excavation Site of Kremzar, a Neolithic settlement

In 1984, when we were in the final stages of excavations at the Neolithic settlement of Kremzar, we could not even have imagined what an incredible discovery we would be making. A strange country indeed? For only a few miles from the aforementioned locality, the famous Clothing Hook in the form of a swastika with horns, dating from the Bronze Age, was unearthed. A few years later, in the vicinity, we had discovered first Artifacts of Unknown Usage. They attest to strange occurrences in this region and the history of the peoples who lived in this locality.

(…) Whether the city will be placed under the protection of UNESCO and whether additional funding will be obtained for further research is unknown.
However, the excavations of artifacts of unknown usage are continuing.

Extract from the exhibition catalog ‘Artifacts of unknown usage’,
Metaphysical Museum 2003.

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