Nova Longhurst

Lit-Mag #46 – Madrigalesque

Three Poems


Lips burning of subdued embers,
Her words brand you, inescapable.

Eyes as old as amber,
Her gaze tells your story, unwritten.

Masked by the mud of her mother,
Her power precedes her, enthralling.

Rokkr Náttar, shadow of the oncoming night,
She destroys me, inescapable love.


Purified Asphyxiation

Cast me down in the cleansing blue.
Breathing frozen soliloquies of you.

Fractals ossifying mangled fetters,
Seeking freedom in profligate letters.

Clutching at greener pastures,
Fertilized by the efferent heartless.

Cast me down in to the cleansing blue,
To extirpate afflictions of you.


Taste Buds

Bulbous buds of brilliant senses
Taste your breath, your life, your soul’s existence

Wine glasses shattered on your lips
The life blood of which bitters your kiss, your caress

The perfume of carbonated city streets
Nestled against cement bridges, your nervous-systems.

Leaving dust upon Zemí’s ancient tongue.
Your breath, your life, your soul’s existence, you are mine.

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