Phil Norton

Lit-Mag #46 – Madrigalesque

Nighttime Prayer (Madrigal Mix)

Norton’s performance combines spoken word with electronic beats and live looping into a jazz-infused energetic storm of emotive tales. He has performed at festivals around Australia and the world, most notably appearing at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Night Words Festival and on the popular Aussie music quiz TV show Spics and Specs. He has written and produced programs for ABC Radio National. Over the next year, Norton will be uploading the majority of his work to his website

Having lived in Kyoto, Japan in the early 90’s, Norton has recently returned to the Asian capitol where he now resides. He is working on a one-man show he hopes to tour soon. He often performs at the Flame story-telling and music events at Papa Jon’s Eatery Kyoto, Japan.

Of particular interest to those following the music scene are Norton’s collaborations. He contributed his poems and voice to 2 tracks of the dance group Sonicanimation album Defective Perspective. The track “This is Not a Love Poem” was released as a single and play-listed by Australia’s largest national station: Triple J. Norton has also collaborated with jazz legends, Paul Grabowsky, Adam Simmons, Gideon Brazil, and Jonathan Zwartz.

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