Lit-Mag #30

Gangan Lit-Mag #30
International Literary Magazine
Inbox Overload I

I have been looking for co-editors for a long time, but it seems that these days, folk just don’t have the passion anymore to burn the midnight oil for literature without getting paid for it. Editors like myself will some day become an extinct species. Therefore issues #30/31 are filled with unsolicited and unread submissions from the inbox. I let you be the judge. Gerald Ganglbauer

  1. Trevor Landers, New Zealand: Eastbourne Songs 
  2. Marie Jacqueline Lee, Northern Rivers, NSW: A Productive Phase 
  3. Duane Locke, Florida, USA: Movies from Sunny Tampa Slums 
  4. Tatjana Lukic, Canberra, ACT, Australia: Strong Slavic Accent 
  5. Jonathan Lyons, Oakland, California, USA: Graveyarder 
  6. Jürgen Marschal, Mistelbach/NÖ, Austria: Dorfdetektiv Bordo Stokkkholm 
  7. Malte Meyer, Bremen, Germany: Die große Wut in kleinen Schuhen 
  8. Gregory Paul Mineeff, Wollongong, NSW: Just two Images 
  9. Christopher Mulrooney, Los Angeles, California, USA: discourse 
  10. Barbara O’Connor, Tenterfield, New South Wales: 3 Stories 
  12. Laurence Overmire, Portland, Oregon, USA: Portland Poems