Sylvia Petter

Overload #31 Death by De Facto The angry afternoon sun was locked in a smoke haze and the charred wattle trees stood there like stick men. Chris looked out of the window at the burnt bushland and tears pricked her eyes. She wiped a hand over her cheek and saw the grime on her palm,… Sylvia Petter weiterlesen

Tony Page

Overload #31 Poems fom Bangkok The Wave (Although gravity was the first of the fundamental forces to be explained, it remains today the least understood of all) This strand of mystery, long and silent. Two figures crouched in the sand, Calculating as if their lives depend on it. While the sun is in eclipse, both… Tony Page weiterlesen

Laurence Overmire

Overload #31 Portland Poems Sand in the Mouth The hot Earth blisters Opening to the unwitting tear of Man’s insensitive hand The glaciers crack and crumble Centuries plunging into Too warm waters Fish and bird Too soon entombed in The rising wave The frail creatures who Cannot protest lie Twitching in the gathering dust Dry… Laurence Overmire weiterlesen


Overload #31 LISTEN, LISTEN If Maggie knew one thing it was how to take a punch and if that taught her anything it was how to give one. Violence had long lived close to Maggie, violence had left its hideous mark upon her. She’d grown accustomed to its presence. Violence defined her. Born she was… MONEILL weiterlesen

Barbara O’Connor

Overload #31 3 Stories Duty First. She was small and slender and the shadows under her eyes bespoke a tiredness that couldn’t be cured by a good night’s sleep. We had flown in the night before and she had met us to repay a courtesy. When dropping us at our hotel she had apologised for… Barbara O’Connor weiterlesen

Christopher Mulrooney

Overload #31 discourse discourse I counsel-at-law the armory stands office tall glooming in all the orifices of every face gaping this is every nervous breakdown in all the finest hours gown to town calling and back have sires we’ll call to wire them back and have to call them back to the point of order… Christopher Mulrooney weiterlesen

Gregory Paul Mineeff

Overload #31 Just Two Images Blackfish Walking over, across grass, the dirt, mud, our feet bang bang on the planks of the jetty; our hollow reverberation a tuned wood block. Two of us coming, casually to greet another: younger, bored with our contemplation and talk. Look, look can you see them? he says, pointing. I… Gregory Paul Mineeff weiterlesen

Malte Meyer

Overload #31 Die große Wut in kleinen Schuhen Von einem Versuch Der Junge schwamm, war sein ganzes Leben lang geschwommen, tauchte viel und ging nun endgültig an Land; er war des Schwimmens überdrüssig, setzte sich auf einen Stein und fühlte sich ganz wohl. Als er Hunger bekam, baute er eine Angel und wartete geduldig, bis… Malte Meyer weiterlesen

Jürgen Marschal

Overload #31 Dorfdetektiv Bordo Stokkkholm Die Sommersonne schrie laut vom Himmel auf die schwitzenden Dächer des Bergdorfes hernieder. Alles roch nach normaler Normalität und nichts war wie es noch nie war, denn alles war wie immer. Bis gleich jedenfalls. Eigentlich gab es ja auch gar keinen mächtigen Berg, welcher die Straßen und Grundstücke im Ort… Jürgen Marschal weiterlesen

Jonathan Lyons

Overload #31 Graveyarder Graveyard, regular people working regular jobs and regular hours call it: the time my part of the population operates. It’s something much more disconnecting than punch-in and punch-out times that separates graveyarders from regular-hours folk. Something hard to touch. I think maybe I understood the first time I took a pull from… Jonathan Lyons weiterlesen