Woody Dykott

For Oz with love


A woman named Canberra Sue
kept an opal inside of her shoe
she raised wombats for sale
that she’d ship out by mail
and she played a mean didgeridoo

A miner named Platypus Bill
had a cabin outside of Magill
in the town it was told
he was two hundred years old
and they say that he lives out there still

A woman named Eleanor Tidney
had a fondness for meatpies with kidney
she was raised out in Perth
‚twas the town of her birth
but she always was partial to Sydney

O’er in Geelong ol‘ Fanny Lou Mae
had a boat in the back of backbay
she had quite a large hoard
of young ladies on board
they were open for business all day

I woke up with Ayers Rock Fran
in the back of her customised van…
… enough, enough, enough already!

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