Walter Hoelbling



ride the night
on fiery wings
beyond the moon
to the one you love

lie open-eyed
clothed only
in your nervous skin

feel the whisperings
of the forest
under a star-speckled
summer sky

hear deer
rustle through dry leaves
on ingrained paths

breathe in the night air
in deep drunken draughts

let your mind wander
across oceans

be alive

night wind

strong armies of clouds
keep rushing by
by fragmented Fiesta music
travelling on a fierce night wind
that polishes the twinkle
of the evening star
tears at the corners
of the house
rattles at doors and windows
blows my thoughts into wild spirals
jiggles the glass on the table
and makes me shudder
in my patio chair


sad I am
and go to bed
lock my heart up
from inside
in my soul
I dim the light

so none sees
so none hears
all the fury
all the pain
struggling in my flood of tears

long night

she had promised
he kept waiting

he knew it would be
and kept himself busy
fighting against
the lump he felt
beginning to form
in his chest
when long after midnight
the phone continued
not to ring

he thought of
how she would enjoy
exhilarating company
and be happy

in the end
when her voice
would come
across thousands of miles

exhausted yet pleased
he would swallow hard
and simply tell her
„I love you“

strange bird

I am the night owl
flapping its wings
stealthily through your dreams
with a soft feathery touch
you may remember
you have imagined
like the figure at the end
of the corridor
whose face remains
in the shadow

I am the sower of images
growing from the dark
touching your mind gently
tapping at forbidden doors
closed to the brighter hours

I am the prowler of twilight thoughts
that lend shapes
to your hopes
and fears and desires
living their lives
in between

I am the night owl
that shudders
and folds its wings quietly
when the sun rises
always too soon
patiently waiting
until the day is done

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