Michaela A. Gabriel

Stray Splinters

some day never

only in a land where
the sun rises in the west
you’ll hurt no more than a
needle scratching a clumsy
love message in my heart
or a stray splinter
soaked in my morning milk

(27 02 1998)

under water

the Great Fish In The Big Ocean
is muttering
to his neighbour
the Bright Blue Starfish
a frenzied account
of Life Love and Death

the Coral
not understanding
nod their heads

(27 06 1998)


in this
state of yellow emotions
Blue Fingernails are a
capital offence
as much as
Fish Swimming Backwards
in concentric fountains
of fear

(10 07 1998)

unwanted gift

the gift of a
siren’s song
would do me
no good

my love’s not
of the killing kind
and i’m not made
for a black widow’s life

(24 07 1998)

salt & pepper

salt and pepper
hate each other

it’s quite obvious

they never talk;
not on my table

(25 08 1998)


the moon is almost full
and stars shy away
from her hungry touch
like breadcrumbs being swept
off a silent table

as you let go of my hand
i tumble into space
turning cartwheels in your mind
an icecream flavoured girl
embraced by murmuring moonlight

(04, 06 09 1998)

midnight station

vertical sounds
stapled to
metallic breathing
in empty midnight stations

moons trespassing
through corroded gates
call abandoned dreams
to dance

(02, 04, 09 10 1998)


verdünnte klänge
halbhoch, vertieft
tropfen aus augenwinkeln
im bleiernen rhythmus
der stadt

verschluckst dich
an ihnen

(04 10 1998)


wir löffeln
silberne augenblicke


in konvexen spiegeln
aus stahl

(04 10 1998)

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