Judy Zarrella

Blue Poems


This closed eye.
Godless. Godforsaken.

Bluebird. Dead.
The crushed egg.
Blue bruise.

Blue vein pulsating.
Blue as a blunt blade.

Cracked blue halo.
Blue idiom. Blue embrace.
Feverish blue.

Like midnight, sometimes.
Casual blue.
A gesture of hands.


Amazing burst of beauty
on a fragile stem.
Purple bells
nodding in a crystal glass.
My baby daughter’s eyes
open to the world.

Love is (like) this.


When ringing
stay calm.

Remember to remember
every word
and record the silences.

Listen to the laughter
broken by indrawn breath.

The fractured sentence,
Changing the subject;
Spiralling into nonsense.

Listen to background sounds.
Rhythm, hum, and glass shatter.

Remember to write a letter tomorrow
specifically to say
every word was heard.

Hang up gently.


How shall I live
what on earth
shall I do?

Blinding blue.

Ethereal blue with a touch
of white.
A Nietzschean hot star –

‚Oh blue melancholy‘.
Minor third, a bit flat,
worried not.

Blue is the colour
of strangled victims.

The examining Angels consider
the evidence.
Certain drugs
stimulate a sensitivity
to blue.

Remember this:
Nostradamus prophesied
the Anti-Christ
would wear a blue turban.

Ssh, Ssh, I’m walking slowly.
The bright sound of pain
pushes me
to the edge of a blue wave.

Artery blood
is the bluest red.

Grief and loneliness
makes blue fools
of everyone.

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