Andreas Bäcker

Drei Stories NACHTGEDANKEN Ich sitze im Schatten, meine Füße baumeln am Rand des Wahnsinns, während mein Körper stumm gelähmt die Agonie meiner Seele ignoriert. Das ganze Leben jeden Tag neue Schuhe, doch immer dieselben Füße, täglich mehr Last zu tragen, weil immer schwerer wird der Kopf. Neue Schrauben für die Denkmaschine, eine jeden Tag, an… Andreas Bäcker weiterlesen

Vivien Eime

12 poems and two poèms en prose in time hurry the day when i may be out of the race say what i like spit peas out at night. perhaps this time will be gold methinks if it were my heart would breathe at last my tears might be less and my shoulder more able… Vivien Eime weiterlesen

Ruark Lewis

Banalities/Banalitäten Quick Additions Schnelle Bemerkungen Find me a modest book? Gibt es ein bescheidenes Buch? King Kong was caught in New York, Madrid and Lisbon King Kong ist in New York, Madrid und Lissabon gesichtet worden Europeans solicit alms Europäer betteln um Almosen Leaders in religion who hollow horns, work wonders Ins Horn blasende Religionsführer… Ruark Lewis weiterlesen

Angelika Fremd

Arrival   She adjusted her straps as she walked into the airport coffee lounge. In her brace-and-bib skirt, frilly blouse, suspender belt and stockings, not to speak of her unfashionably flared petticoat, she felt as if she had been packaged and wrapped. I’ve given in again, she thought, dressed to please HIM. Making certain that… Angelika Fremd weiterlesen

Holly Lalena Day

Three Pieces Pat Buchanon Make me believe you, Pat Buchanon, icon preaching from the shaky t.v. screen, sandwiched between Kmart blue-light specials and ads condemning herion my own brand of shakes. Raise my body, cruciform from this nightmare of cold sweats and invisible centipedes this place empty of everything and nothing, the words „junky“ and… Holly Lalena Day weiterlesen

Chris Mann

For a sheet of paper marked with a $ and a ? some five or six inches apart   $ ? Hold paper with right hand. Close left eye. Fixate $. Move paper slowly back and forth along line of vision and watch ? disappear at about twelve inches. Self – an addenda without hope,… Chris Mann weiterlesen

Ania Walwicz

Poème en prose travelling the train goes and the station moves away what time is it we’re going to a jungle hot palms i fall asleep drunk talked to himself i know what i have to do did you see the house on fire out of the window did you see the house on fire… Ania Walwicz weiterlesen

Nigel Roberts

In Casablanca for the waters As Brian Bell said Naked as – & today she is born – she strokes the hairy squab / to her mine of salt diamonds / then settles / back to the blue cushions Wie Brian Bell sagte Völlig nackt – & heute ist sie geboren – sie streicht die… Nigel Roberts weiterlesen

Monika Graf

Vorfall   sie rasen an mir vorbei an meinem schutzumhang der dunst verzieht sich lautlos wortlos die agonie des fischmundes auf dem laster stilles vorwärtsgleiten im lärm fast wie zeitverschiebung

Stephen K. Kelen

Trans-Sumatran Highway & Other Poems House Of Rats They’re up there, all right, in the roof playing scrabble, listening to scratchy old Fats Waller records. They started out as a gang of desperadoes escaped from a laboratory, arrived via a garbage truck up overhanging tree branches elbowed their way in & soon the colony is… Stephen K. Kelen weiterlesen